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OK - so what is in here anyway you may wonder.  Well, it is a little bit of everything that doesn't fit anywhere else on our web site.  You can read about a great little restaurant in Ogdensburg, NY, the origins of WD40 or check out a link to a site that caught a member's fancy.  If you come across any peculiar, interesting stuff that you would like to share with your other club members then submit it to webmaster@capitalcorvetteclub for inclusion!

An innovative way to recycle oil filters...

oil filter recycled

Corvette History: Sting Ray vs Stingray

The Capital Corvette Club contacted the GM Heritage Center/GM Media Archive as part of the research into the club’s theme (Stingrays) for the Ottawa AutoRama Classic and Custom Car Show being held at the EY Center later this month, on April 23 and 24, with regard to the official spelling of the Stingray. Here is the response form the lead archivist.

Common usage at GM is:

      Stingray for the 1959 race car show car

      Sting Ray for the 1963-1967 C2 models

      Stingray for the 1969-1975 C3 models

      Stingray for the 2014-current C7 models

The question you pose comes up from time to time. Period-specific documentation for the original Stingray Race Car (known internally as XP-87) shows the spelling in both forms (Stingray and Sting Ray) though the badging shows it as Stingray. Some of the confusion may come from the fact that despite only the “S” being capitalized, the 1959 Stingray badging shows a very slight space between Sting and ray.

For the introduction of the 1963 C2, Chevrolet standardized the usage of Sting Ray (two words, each capitalized) in sales literature, engineering documentation and press releases. The C3 debuted in 1968 without this moniker but it returned for the 1969 car, this time as a single word (evidenced by the new script badge). After 1975, Stingray disappeared for nearly 40 only to return with the introduction of the 2014 C7.

Having said all of this, we have no documentation internal documentation which discusses how and why the variants were chosen.


Submitted by Syd Near; Friend of the Corvette Club

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 Contributed by Wendy Hall
2014 Knowing IconThanks to Dave jeggo for providing this article.
A copy of the PDF is available through our Facebook page.
SchwartziesLots of club members always compliment Sue on the magical tasty dish that she brings to different functions. Sue is sharing her recipe for her delightful casserole so we can enjoy it whenever we like.  Thanks Sue.  

Jake IconWho is this skulled fellow that keeps showing up - read and find out.. with thanks to Ron Rail..

U.S. Car Dealer IconThanks to Scott Ferris for forwarding this story from CBC.

Tire Code IconEver wonder when your tire was made?

Yellow ZR1 FL Icon

Espionage IconFrom the online version of Automobile Magazine. http://www.automobilemag.com

Forwarded by Brian Holmes

Coppertone IconAn article from Auto Enthusiast Weekly regarding one of the one hundred and sixteen 1994 copper colored Corvettes manufactured - interesting reading.

Roadside Pollution IconAn article from the Ottawa EMC Newspaper written by Brian Turner and published in July of 2009.
Detailer Secrets IconSubmitted by Ron Rail

Everything you need to know to make your baby shine.

Brochures IconSubmitted by by Dave Jeggo

Almost every North American Car you have ever owned or have been interested in is included in this web site.

Tool Definitions IconThanks to Ron Rail

Hand Push Vette IconSubmitted by Keith Cornforth

Always think safety when you are manually pushing your Vette.

Generations Icon1Have you ever wondered what kind of cars our members own?

Federal EPA IconSubmitted by Paul Latour

For those members with older cars...

Little italy IconWant to enjoy a quick, fun drive for a great tasty, reasonably priced meal?  Then have we got the place for you !! 

old town kissimmee iconSubmitted by Todd Van Dusen

Production Facts IconSubmitted by Andrew McAlister


WD40 Icon'Water Displacement #40' - or WD40

Submitted by Rod Rafter

UPS iconUnfortunately, despite the fact that Canada and the United States are members of NAFTA, the savings of "free" trade have never quite trickled down to the proletariat (look that word up!)

Best Used Tires IconSubmitted by Ron Rail
A used tire vendor located in the US with some great deals.

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